Water Lantern Festival

Wilmington, North Carolina

April 29th, 2023

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Lighting The Way

Lighthouse Water Lantern Festival is a magical experience, for everyone. The last few years has shown us nothing is guaranteed. If you look out at the ocean and just watch the waves rolling in and out, your worries can melt away. The past has gone and is unchangeable, no matter how much we may want to, and the future is yet to be written and totally uncertain. The here and now is what matters. The same is for other bodies of water, the grounding energy and beauty in nature gives you pause to reflect, and release negative energy.
Lighthouse is a time to symbolically say goodbye to your old life, hello to tomorrow, and to bring a guiding light to a lost loved one, to show them they can rest now and celebrate the time you had with them.
Unlike other festivals, our lanterns are already made for you, markers are not needed as you don’t write on our lanterns. The magic in letting go of the past, and lighting the way for lost souls doesn’t come with written words on paper, it comes from the heart, your energy put into it. our lanterns are also designed so that you can take it home after the event and keep forever.

At sunset we’ll begin Illuminating the water as a collective and release our lanterns into the water for passed loved ones for safe passage to their new journey, , and send out our hopes, dreams, love and light to the universe to begin creating the future we want as we move forward. Come Illuminate the water with us, and help light the way.



Wilmington, North Carolina

Saturday, April 29th, 2023

5:00 PM – 11:00 PM


Admission Tickets

Several passes have sold today. Get yours before they sell out.

Kids Pass

Ages 0-11

$ 45

General Admission

Ages 12+

$ 75


Per Car

$ 30

LUX VIP Package

Our VIP group package comes with entry for up to 4 people Canopy seating with furniture, fire pit, 4 S’more kits, and access to all festival areas. VIP seating is limited so reserve yours now.

Only 5 VIP Spots

VIP Group Pass

All Ages
$ 1,500 Per group of up to 4.
  • Admission.
  • 4 Lanterns.
  • 4 S'more Kits
  • VIP Section Seating with Firepit

Any Questions?

Frequently Asked question !!

Have basic event questions you're looking for?

Yes! 1 Lantern comes free with each adult admission pass. We charge for admission, not per lantern.

Yes! Our events are not open or free events. You can find more information on this on our “How It Works” page.

Yes! However, they do not come with admission because an adult must purchase one for their child, and be the one to help them SAFELY, release their lantern. Our Kids Lanterns are also child size and also a life long keepsake.

Yes! Our venues charge a parking fee, and parking is only within the festival at most locations. Some festivals may have pickup sites. Please read all locations event rules.

Yes! To help make sure there are enough spots for locals, we require everyone to be full time residents. We have event all over the country there will always be one close to you.

Still Have A Questions?

Please reach out to us if you have more questions, or you can use our live chat in the bottom left hand corner for faster help.

Clean Up

How Do We Track And Cleanup Our Lanterns?

Lighthouse only uses Premium ECO Friendly Water Lanterns that are designed and manufactured by our company.

Details; Our Water Lanterns are made with Eco Friendly Rice Paper, Wood, and an LED Tea Light instead of real fire.

Clean Up; We have a no lantern left behind policy and use boats and an above water line (like swimming areas use to rope off designated swimming areas) that prevents the lanterns from going any further than predetermined. WE DO NOT USE fishing nets that go down into the water which can tangle up marine life.

Safety; There are no safety risks with Water Lanterns. No fire is used in their release, they’re made of Eco friendly material, and most importantly we collect every single lantern, and we do not use fishing nets or anything that goes down into the water to stop their flow, but instead an above water line.

We track our lanterns with a Mavic 3 Cine Drone so we know none get out of the designated area.

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