Our Competitors And The LDS Church

Please remember to ONLY go by the information listed on out website and given by us, Facebook is only a social media networking website and is full of errors, and other websites should NOT be trusted over us at any time.

Our competitors are shady criminals, members within the lds mormon church out of arizona and utah, who constantly try to force us out of business by falsly listing their events on our dates with their location and paying to advertise it so people mistakingly buy tickets from them, they then quickly change their dates to later on leaving people thinking they bought tickets through us and then go to the wrong place and yell at us for it.

Only three people who actually had entry to our event mistakingly went by information not from us. We decided to search the internet and noticed our event date was falsly listed on the Nashville gov website under the other companies name, and location. We know there’s illegal kickback deals made with government officials in every city they hold events in. It’s been reported to the fbi to look into as well as to Tennessee state officials. We’ve sent in a FOIA request for all documents, Financials, etc for their event date and location.

We know government should be able to be trusted with something as small as events in their city but there is clearly someone within the city of Nashville who is making illegal deals with china co owned companies.

If you want to know what city’s are participating in illegal kickbacks just look at every city our competitors have events in and you have your answer.

If you were one who was scammed thinking you bought a ticket for our Nashville event, you can find your American scammers within the lds mormon church in arizona and utah, it’s david knight. The church will just make excuses for them though.

Facebook, continues to allow them to falsly list they’re partnered with us and co running our events which is false.

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