Water Lantern Festival

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Lighting The Way

Lighthouse Lantern Festival

Helping light the way

Roast Marshmellows

Grab your S'mores kit and fire-pit roast marshmellows by the warm fire.

Make it personal

Customize your lantern with a wish to the universe or message to a departed loved one.

Release it to the water

Release your customized lantern to the water and watch it illuminate the water.

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August 20th, 2022


August 27th, 2022


September 10th, 2022

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Eco Friendly

Lighthouse Lantern Festival’s Lanterns Are Eco Friendly to both the land and the ocean. 

Our Lanterns Are Made Of All Natural Products, Metal Free, And Also Flammable Free Materials. 

Lantern Materials; Rice Paper, Real Wood Base, and a LED Tea Light.

Check Out Our Tracking & Clean-up Policy Below.

Tracking & Clean-up

How Do We Track And Cleanup Our Lanterns?

Lighthouse only uses Premium ECO Friendly Water Lanterns that are designed and manufactured by our company.

Details; Our Water Lanterns are made with Eco Friendly Rice Paper, Wood, and an LED Tea Light instead of real fire.

Clean Up; We have a no lantern left behind policy and use boats and an above water line (like swimming areas use to rope off designated swimming areas) that prevents the lanterns from going any further than predetermined. WE DO NOT USE fishing nets that go down into the water which can tangle up marine life.

Safety; There are no safety risks with Water Lanterns. No fire is used in their release, they’re made of Eco friendly material, and most importantly we collect every single lantern, and we do not use fishing nets or anything that goes down into the water to stop their flow, but instead an above water line.

We track our lanterns with a Mavic 3 Cin Drone so we know none get out of the designated area.

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